Indonesian women having sex

Decent Indonesian woman dont drink…dont do one night stand…dont have sex with other man… We may need a wealthy man to make sure of our family future… But not that greedy. Indonesians, like many 3rd world countries, have double standards. The women in Jakarta, Bali, and a few other cities treated me quite well. Worst decision of my life and my one regret. Do not expect to meet a normal woman in Bali especially when she is from another island.

Wah it seems you truly had a bad experience with indonesian woman 16 March, Reply.

How To Have Sex With Indonesian Women

Why u say i met her in club? The Love of Fun I have never met an Indonesian woman who does not love to have fun. Suddenly the affectionate, smiling Indonesian beauty was replaced with an angry, parasitic witch. Nightlife is certainly where Indonesia shines compared to other Asian countries. I am very sad to see all the comments, not all Indonesian women like that. Some are hoping you have the actual balls to walk up and ask them on a date.