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Though unlike Courtney, Duncan does not deny this and often flirts with Courtney, calling her pet names. Duncan becomes concerned when the chameleon disappears. Duncan Hook. Duncan only plays every tenth note on his guitar during the first challenge of Rock n' Rule. Duncan carries Chef. In an exclusive clip, Duncan is excited about his elimination and tells Gwen he'll be seeing her soon though he change it to " later than soon " when he realizes the trouble he is in.

He also points out that Trent's mild insanity over his obsession with the number nine could very well be the fact that the four letters in Gwen's name plus five in Trent's equal nine overall, which horrifies Gwen.

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Although their interactions are initially restricted in Total Drama Island due to being on opposing teamsthe vast similarities that Duncan and Gwen share eventually bring them together in a friendship, which is especially prominent later in the series. Duncan knocks Owen on the head for letting him fall. After breaking up with Courtney, Duncan starts a proper relationship with Gwen after sharing their second kiss. At the elimination ceremony, Duncan comes over to Gwen and kisses her cheek, telling her to cheer up. Duncan tells Courtney she has nice teeth.


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