How to go from dating to friendship

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This one is just as, if not more, important as the clean break, and that's spending some quality time apart. We are impermanent beings in flux, and we cannot expect either our relationships or those in our lives to remain static. If you really want to maintain a friendship, keep your opinions on who they date to yourself. One should never be polite when it comes to being clear about feelings. Maybe you two have actually hooked up before after one too many tequila shots, but you sort of brushed it off.

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Paul and I have shared too many years to ignore that we care about each other, still we cannot continue in our old patterns any longer.

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7 signs you're going to end up in a relationship with your friend

It was unrealistic of me to believe that Paul would always have time to talk on the phone or share a lunch much less that he would somehow choose to remain single without knowing, forthrightly, my feelings for him. Go slowly and give each other space at first. Would love to meet y'all!!! You May Like. We hiked, we shared long phone conversations, and we offered everyday observations that left us both in stitches.

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how to go from dating to friendship
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how to go from dating to friendship
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how to go from dating to friendship
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