Coming to BFusion/BFlex? Coordinate rides/lodging or discuss the event.

Two days of hands-on training from the experts in Adobe Flex and ColdFusion... for FREE

ColdFusion - Saturday, September 6th, 2008
Flex - Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Bloomington, Indiana

Last Minute Seats Available

I might be crazy, but I have to tell you, we’ve had some cancellations and we have a few more seats available for both BFusion (tomorrow) and BFlex (Sunday). We’ve already made the lunch orders, so I can’t guarantee we can feed your stomachs , but we can feed your mind! (A nod to WFIU for the tag phrase.)

If you are feeling spontaneous, just drop me a note and we’ll squeeze you in!

Bob Flynn
BFusion/BFlex Event Director.

Confirmation Process Closing

Despite a number of painful, and frankly embarassing, glitches in our confirmation process, it looks like we have reached the point by which if we haven’t heard from you it must mean you are not coming. Therefore we are shutting down the confirmation tool this afternoon at 5pm EDT and marking everyone who did not respond “cancelled”.

If you have registered for the event and this is the first you’ve heard of the need to confirm, shame on one of us! If you have not confirmed and still mean to, please email me directly ASAP at

If you show up at the event and did not confirm then at the least you will go hungry, at the most we wont’ have a seat for you.

Bob Flynn
BFusion/BFlex Event Director

Registration Closed

At 5pm today we closed registration. We will be sending email to those signed up with instructions on how to confirm their seats. If you can’t make it, please use this opportunity to release your spot so we can give the seat to someone on the wait list.

We were thrilled by the response this year. We barely got efforts to publicize underway when the event filled up. We hope that those who were unable to attend this year keep an eye out for us next year.

Bob Flynn
BFusion/BFlex Event Director

BFusion waitlisted

In the short time that registration has been open, we are both happy and sad to announce that BFusion has been sold out. Currently we have 210 registered attendees and registration will remain open for those who wish to be added to the waitlist. We will try to accommodate as many people as possible without violating fire codes or compromising the quality of this event.

The process will be the same as announced in the previous post. Each attendee will be required to confirm his or her seat, as experience has shown us in the past there will be some cancellations. A notice will be sent out to those waitlisted at this time with an offer for those seats.

Please register for the event and get on the waiting list, especially if you live in the local area. We are stretching our budgets and resources to accommodate as many as possible.

Prem Radhakrishnan
BFusion Coordinator

BFlex waitlisted - BFusion almost full

In one short week nearly all of the 400 seats at BFusion and BFlex have sold out. We doubled the Flex Beginners track and the second one filled! That track filled quickly to. We have now reached capacity for BFlex, but don’t let that keep you from signing up! Every participant must confirm their registration a few days before the event. It has been our experience that a number of people drop at that time. Once we complete that process we will notify those on the wait list and offer them the chance to take their places. Once the last few seats are taken in BFusion, we’ll start a wait list for that event and carry out the same process.

Just so you understand, we have three factors limiting our numbers - space, speakers and money. Our largest classrooms handle 80 people. We have already set up a second session, and filled it, for beginning Flex. That’s 160 people! Way to go! We just can’t any higher because we don’t have any more certified instructors to teach them. Finally we can’t go over 200 total for the event because that’s all we have a budget to feed. Any way you look at it we are way up from last year’s 80. Perhaps next year we can go to 300 for each event.

If you have signed up, waitlisted or not, we will make every effort to get you in the event, but we ask for your understanding if it doesn’t work out this year. You’ll be one of the first to know about the events next year!

Bob Flynn
Event Director

BFusion and BFlex are open for business!

After a tremendous amount of work by our wonderful event staff, generosity and enthusiasm of the community and support from our sponsors, we are ready to get things rolling with BFusion and BFlex!

We just can’t hold back any longer. Even as we work to get the final event details on the website people are sneaking in and registering. We don’t want anyone left out. So check out the great training and speakers we have for you, register and be sure to tell your friends.


It’s Happening.

We’re doing it again. BFlex was a great success last year with 80 participants from across the U.S. descending on Bloomington for a day of free Adobe Flex Training.

This year we are going bigger and better. We are now offering a day of training in Adobe ColdFusion and expanding the number of available seats to 200 per day.

Saturday, September 6th - ColdFusion
Sunday, September 7th - Flex

To be notified when we release more information please fill out this form:

We have already opened registration for the event. Please visit the event site for full details.

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